Drawing A Blank? Not Anymore!


My daughter and I play a game we call “Guess The Picture,” where we take turns drawing whatever image pops in our heads and the other person has to guess what it is. But sometimes we run out of ideas and end ups repeating the same five illustrations that we used in the last game we played.

Those days are gone!

WhatchamaDRAWit is a playful and imaginative card/drawing game with over 100 ideas to keep your artistic blood pumping. While one player judges each round by pulling from a stack of 110 cards, reading instructions aloud and flipping the timer; the Contestants are asked to scribble silly scenarios like: “Draw a rowboat floating on top of a mountain” or “Draw a laughing squid talking on a cell phone while sitting in a bathtub.” The first one to finish wins that round and keeps the card, and the player with the most cards wins the game! 

It is a simple, entertaining, and much more interactive way to pass the time with your kids when they complain “there’s nothing to do.” Best of all, you can pick a set up for only eighteen bucks on uncommongoods.com.

But you’d better hurry… These might sell out pretty quickly!


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