Ground Control To Major Mom


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I started thinking about the kind of person I wanted her to be. I imagined her as a free spirit; moving to the beat of her own drum and creating her identity from scratch. 

Cautious. Deliberate. Original.

I didn’t want her to walk into this life without a strong appreciation for the one thing that was going to get her through it. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across RockabyeBaby’s website and found two of my all-time favorite bands; U2 and Smashing Pumpkins, transformed into lullaby renditions, suitable for nursery room play. “Pinch me,” I cried, “I MUST be dreaming!”

From the Beatles to Bob Marley to Björk, RockabyeBaby has a little something for everyone. And, if you’re smart, you will want to introduce your pint-sized groupie to the good stuff before Disney gets ahold of that funk gene.

Frozen or Bowie ––you decide!

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Organic Custom Baby Quilt


Image courtesy of PitterPatternedBaby on Etsy

How awesome is Etsy? I mean almost everything on it is unique, handmade and affordable; so why not start THERE when you’re ready to buy?

Jennifer Kesler, designer and owner of Pitter Patterned, took her two favorite things; graphic design and quilts, and made a business out of it. And, what better way to welcome your newborn into the world than a personalized, educational quilt that they will be able to treasure forever?! 

Each baby quilt is crib size (33″ x 54″), made from pre-washed 100% organic cotton sateen with a glossy finish and has a 142 x 80 thread count ––not bad for a little one! As for pricing; plan on spending around $200+ for one of her gorgeous custom quilts… A small price to pay for a lifetime keepsake.

For more information and/or to see product samplings, please visit Jennifer at Etsy or her website at

Drawing A Blank? Not Anymore!


My daughter and I play a game we call “Guess The Picture,” where we take turns drawing whatever image pops in our heads and the other person has to guess what it is. But sometimes we run out of ideas and end ups repeating the same five illustrations that we used in the last game we played.

Those days are gone!

WhatchamaDRAWit is a playful and imaginative card/drawing game with over 100 ideas to keep your artistic blood pumping. While one player judges each round by pulling from a stack of 110 cards, reading instructions aloud and flipping the timer; the Contestants are asked to scribble silly scenarios like: “Draw a rowboat floating on top of a mountain” or “Draw a laughing squid talking on a cell phone while sitting in a bathtub.” The first one to finish wins that round and keeps the card, and the player with the most cards wins the game! 

It is a simple, entertaining, and much more interactive way to pass the time with your kids when they complain “there’s nothing to do.” Best of all, you can pick a set up for only eighteen bucks on

But you’d better hurry… These might sell out pretty quickly!