How To Put Seat Down On A Toilet

Oh, you know me, I’m not one to complain. But I do like to pass on an occasional bit of wisdom to my male followers every now and again, so today is dedicated to you.

In this rare, never before seen footage, you will observe the quickest and easiest way to piss off a woman, and how to correct it —lickety-split! Sorry, poor choice of words.


Lesson #15: How To Return A Pen

I have a cup sitting on my desk. It is packed full of pens of all variations. There are red pens and pink ones, blue, purple, and black ones; even a few Sharpies and highlighters. Do you know what else? 

They’re MINE!

In this episode, we will learn how to return a pen to its rightful owner before someone loses an eye. Because, let’s face it, we’ve all considered poking one out at some point in our lives.

Looking For A Lunch Box That Will Keep Your Kid’s Lunch HOT? Boom. Found It!

I was tired. Tired of making lunches for my daughter that ended up swimming in a trash can because I couldn’t keep them warm enough. And who could blame her? Would YOU want to eat a room-temperature chicken-dog that has been sitting in your cubby for the past four hours? I  think not.

It took her being un-fed for me to get fed up, which is typically the case for a procrastinator. For two years, I struggled to come up with ways to help keep her lunches warm —because HOT wasn’t an option! I tried using insulated bags with stainless steel containers that were wrapped like mummys in foil, but any efforts made to improve the quality of her dining experiences turned out more like the Rappers Delight: “The macaroni’s soggy, the peas are mushed, and the chicken tastes like wood.”
Until now.

Lava Lunch™ is the first (and only) lunch box that has actually kept my daughter’s lunch HOT and I cannot believe it took so long to find it! Lava Lunch™ uses Lava Rocks™ that are made of an organic, plant-based material; designed to keep your food hot. Lava Rocks™ are leakproof —even if punctured, and are easily heated in the microwave for immediate use. Once the interior of the Lava Lunch™ begins to cool, the Lava Rocks™ release their stored energy; keeping your food hot for up to five hours —finally!

Note: They have recently upgraded the quality of their Lava Rocks™. I would highly recommend purchasing directly from them to ensure you are getting the best quality bang for your buck! This is not a paid endorsement, just a mother who learned the hard way. 

Visit them online at to view products and get your order in. They are currently offering 25% off using promo code: LAVA. 

Money well spent!

What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do And You Have Kids?


Some might think I’m crazy for keeping my soon-to-be seven-year-old daughter out of summer camp during a three-month hiatus from school… I think I’m downright sadistic!

It was easy last year; we spent all summer at the beach. The biggest challenge of the day was deciding whether or not we should hit the pool before heading down to the ocean or if we should just go back to bed. But this year we stayed home ––and sometimes it rains.

Enter: Ivy-Kids!

Created by a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom, Ivy-Kids are educational activity subscription kits for children between the ages of 3-8. Each theme-related kit includes an age-appropriate book and 10+ creative and fun projects related to the story that will help to reinforce your child’s educational skills in math, literacy and science. 

And guess who was lucky enough to receive sample kits for July and August for her daughter to review?

The first thing I noticed was the quality: Each kit was neatly packaged and personalized with my daughter’s name ––and she couldn’t tear into them fast enough! The activities were individually placed in zip-lock bags to keep them from shuffling around in the box and getting mixed up with the others; which later proved to be a blessing in disguise, as there were paints, glue sticks and lots of other props to compliment each and every project. The instructions were easy-to-follow; including tips to modify activities based on the age and development of the child, and the book included in each kit was a perfect anchor for what lies beneath. 

The only drawback for me was that my daughter goes to private school and is too smart for her own good. What should have taken a LOT longer to enjoy was quickly burned through in a couple of hours, so I might suggest going “up a size” when ordering if your child is advanced in their learning. 

Nutshell: Ivy-Kids are a creative solution that will keep kids entertained and learning when they’re looking for something to do. Pricing starts at around $35 for a six-month subscription, but if you order now, you can save 20% on your first kit by using the new subscriber code: IVYSUMMER20.

To find out more or to place your fist order, please visit them online at